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Motherís Day


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Timeless Royale
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Delicate gathering of exquisite spring flowers to give tribute to somebody who deserves such a treat.

Our price: $63.37 (approx. PHP 2,861.16)

from Bizu Patisserie

An exquisite blend of coffee liqueur, in between layers of chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese, sprayed with pure cocoa liqueur.

Our price: $61.24 (approx. PHP 2,764.99)

by Michi Calica Fresh Flowers

The hydrangea expresses the giver's gratefulness. Show your appreciation with an elegantly wrapped live plant.

Our price: $52.55 (approx. PHP 2,372.63)

Trees Beyond the Rail I
by Junette Villa

Part of Junette Villa's Eco-Park Mangrove Series

Our price: $140.50 (approx. PHP 6,343.58)

Trees Beyond the Rail II
by Junette Villa

Part of Junette Villa's Eco-Park Mangrove Series

Our price: $140.50 (approx. PHP 6,343.58)

Tulips in Bloom
by Mita Dimalanta

In the morning kissed by the sun. At night bussed by the dark skyÖ

Our price: $167.50 (approx. PHP 7,562.63)

Turbo Broiler
from Imarflex

Top of the line turbo broiler for that special couple or family.

Our price: $81.25 (approx. PHP 3,668.44)

Two-tiered Flowers in Bloom
by Blooms and Foliage Inspirations Co.

A delight to the eyes and heart, this floral arrangement is a great gift for any occasion.

Our price: $128.02 (approx. PHP 5,780.10)

Upgrade Rechargeable 2x 6W Multi-angle Tilt / AM FM Radio with Casette Player, Torch and Blinker
from American Heritage

A must-have gadget indoors and outdoors.

Our price: $41.00 (approx. PHP 1,851.15)

VCO Jelly
by La Huerta Michelena

Your favorite Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is now in jelly form!

Our price: $8.23 (approx. PHP 371.58)

VCO Seda Body Oil
by La Huerta Michelena

A gift that enhances beauty, promotes health and soothes the mind...

Our price: $9.00 (approx. PHP 406.35)

VCO Soap w/ Shea Butter
by La Huerta Michelena

A breakthrough combination of Virgin Coconut Oil's (VCO's) natural anti-microbial effects and Shea Butter's moisturizing and skin softening effects.

Our price: $7.00 (approx. PHP 316.05)

Vibrant Essence
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Colors exploding everywhere makes this floral arrangement ever so vibrant.

Our price: $133.16 (approx. PHP 6,012.17)

Virgina Blooms
by RS Flowers International

Hand bouquet of white lilies

Our price: $60.42 (approx. PHP 2,727.96)

Volcanic Rock Massage
by The Spa

A massage using hot basalt stone for the ultimate treatment of aching muscles.

Our price: $41.35 (approx. PHP 1,866.95)