> Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)

Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)

Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)

Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)

by Wellness PRO

SalinaGel is an isotonic water-based saline nasal moisturizing gel that relieves dry and irritated nasal passages caused by aging, low humidity as well as side effects from medications for allergies, colds and acne. Under certain conditions the ability of the nasal epithelial cells to secrete mucus, preserve moisture and filter inhaled air, may be impaired. Conditions such as low humidity, aging and side effects of medications to treat allergies, common colds and acne result in dryness in the nose and accumulation of crust causing discomfort, pain or coughing.

  • Moisturizes nasal airways and softens crust
  • Relieves dryness and irritation
  • Restores the filter and humidifying functions of the mucosa cells
  • Preserves nasal moisture as well as prevents dry and irritated nasal passage-ways caused by the daily exposure to changing air conditions, allergies and colds.

SalinaGel is composed of sea-salt in isotonic - physiologic concentration (similar to the salt concentration of the healthy tissue to avoid discomfort and burning sensation) with advanced moisturizing agents that preserve the healthy function of mucosa and restores the system's ability to filter inhaled air through the nose.

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Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)

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