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Teresa “Techie” Gutierrez and Rebecca “Beckie” Montes disproved the myth that business & friendship are like oil & water : you just can’t mix them. College classmates at the University of the Philippines Diliman where they obtained their BS Business Economics degree, they best successfully balance three simultaneous roles : best friends, shareholders & boss-subordinate relationship ( since one reports to the other under their operating structure).

Before setting up EXL Worldwide Express sixteen years ago from their hard-earned savings, the duo spent a dozen years as senior executives with LBC – the Philippine’s pioneering forwarding company – where they mastered their trade. In an industry of high-risk and cutthroat competition, EXL easily gained its reputation among banks, credit unions and other institutions as an owner-managed courier company fulfilling timed deliveries and confirmation of cash, credit cards, sensitive documents & light-weight air cargoes. EXL also served special projects of its clients such as Citibank Paylink & Citibank Speed Collect. Presently having over 150 employees and over 100 service contractors, EXL is well-respected by the industry, business partners, clients, etc. and its employees alike.

Tested secrets of the Teresa I. Gutierrez and Rebecca O. Montes partnership are their sense of professionalism, transparency, adherence to simple lifestyles and open lines of communication.

Equipped with a vast delivery network, EXL shuttled daily via land and air to 32 provinces in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao. To maximize their excess load capacity in their trips back to Manila, EXL President Teresa I. Gutierrez conceptualized Promdi Deli : a chain of retail stores specializing in unique delicacies from the provinces.

Presently, Promdi’s presence is concentrated at Kultura Stores at SM malls. With its continued growth, Promdi Deli provides “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP” by providing LIVELIHOOD to its over 100 small scale provincial suppliers.

Recently, Promdi explores additional expansion areas such as :
1) INDAY PRODUCTS which are varieties of snack in an attractive Inday box intended for groceries; and
2) Distributorship of Best Brands of Pasalubongs sourced from different provinces to various groceries


“SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP” – to provide livelihood, to improve & sustain small scale industries of our provinces nationwide


  • Authentic from the provinces
  • Premium Quality not readily available in Metro Manila
  • Homemade
  • Original attractive packaging ( DELI IN A GIFT )


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Promdi Deli Herbal Drinks Collection
from Promdi Deli

All the basic beverage in one package.

Our price: $7.27 (approx. PHP 328.24)

Promdi Deli Jam Collection
from Promdi Deli

Comfort food for the genuine Pinoy.

Our price: $7.81 (approx. PHP 352.62)

Promdi Deli Pastries Salakot Basket
from Promdi Deli

Gift pack for the Pinoy at heart.

Our price: $8.30 (approx. PHP 374.75)

Promdi Deli Snacks in Buri Bag (Big)
from Promdi Deli

Philippine snacks that will satisfy any pangs of hunger.

Our price: $4.19 (approx. PHP 189.18)

Promdi Deli Snacks in Buri Bag (Small)
from Promdi Deli

Great "baon" on-the-go.

Our price: $3.35 (approx. PHP 151.25)

Promdi Deli Sweets in Bao Cup
from Promdi Deli

Pinoy sweets for the sweet Pinoy/Pinay.

Our price: $5.30 (approx. PHP 239.30)

Promdi Deli Tea Collection in Bamboo Chest Box
from Promdi Deli

Healthy tea collection for a healthy lifestyle.

Our price: $17.31 (approx. PHP 781.55)

Promdi Goodies in Bamboo Shoulder Bag
from Promdi Deli

Ready munchies on the go.

Our price: $5.56 (approx. PHP 251.03)