> RegaloService Notes July 2014

RegaloService Notes July 2014

RegaloService Notes July 2014

RegaloService Notes July 2014: How to Keep School Kids Healthy

July 30, 2014

Issue No. 42

In This Issue...

How to Keep School Kids Healthy

Is your child experiencing too many sick days lately? Most of the time, kids are exposed to various germs and viruses when they are at school. Their immune system is tested to its limits. So as a parent or guardian, what can you do to help your child stay healthy and sick free? Reminding your child all the time of the following health basics can get him a long way:

  • Frequent and proper hand washing

    Tell your child to wash his hands with soap before and after eating, after using the toilet, after playing and after blowing his nose if he has colds. When he washes his hands frequently, not only does he protect himself from viruses, he also stops the spread of it to others.

  • Use hand sanitizer

    Give your kid a small bottle of hand sanitizer that he can use when hes not able to wash his hands. He should keep it handy at all times.

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Featured Products of the Month

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The kids are back to school once again. The wet and stormy weather is also here. As a parent or carer, we definitely want our kids to stay healthy all the time. We know that kids can easily get those germs, bacteria and viruses especially at school so how do we protect them and keep them healthy and strong? Well, this issue of RegaloService Notes will definitely give you some tips to keep your kid happy and disease free.

Read on and also take a look at our featured products for this month.

Quote of the Month

Life is not merely being alive, but being well.

- Marcus Valerius Martialis


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