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Bamboo Bridge II
by Junette Villa

Part of Junette Villa's Eco-Park Mangrove Series

Our price: $127.50 (approx. PHP 5,756.63)

from Jesuit Communication

A compilation of songs selected from various JesCom/Jesuit Music Ministry Albums.

Our price: $11.99 (approx. PHP 541.35)

Black Madonna
Classic Mother and Child.

Our price: $98.26 (approx. PHP 4,436.44)

Blender with Ice Crusher
from Imarflex

A blender that withstands heavy duty use yet it still exudes sleek appeal. Great for everyday use.

Our price: $48.75 (approx. PHP 2,201.06)

Blissful Imaginings
by Junette Villa

Imagining life in the province.

Our price: $70.50 (approx. PHP 3,183.08)

Capiz Trash Bin
by GKoncept

An elegant rectangular trash bin made of capiz (mother-of-pearl) shells guilded with copper wire.

Our price: $27.79 (approx. PHP 1,254.72)

Chinese Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus in oriental perspective.

Our price: $105.24 (approx. PHP 4,751.59)

Classic Tapas: Authentic Spanish Recipes
from Terry Selection

Tapas are eaten all over Spain, and constitute one of the most pleasurable forms of communication. Great gift for the tapas lover or even for any lover.

Our price: $56.48 (approx. PHP 2,550.07)

Coffee Maker
from Imarflex

Great tasting coffee in a jiffy with this beautiful and durable coffee maker.

Our price: $30.81 (approx. PHP 1,391.07)

Coffee Maker (black)
from Imarflex

Elegant looking coffee maker that can make 10 to 12 cups of great tasting coffee.

Our price: $28.11 (approx. PHP 1,269.17)

Convection Oven
from Imarflex

It's a turbo broiler and an oven all rolled into one.

Our price: $68.51 (approx. PHP 3,093.23)

Cooking in Spain by Janet Mendel
from Terry Selection

More than 400 great Spanish recipes! Paella, Tapas, Zarzuela, Cocido and more…they are all in this book.

Our price: $53.56 (approx. PHP 2,418.23)

Crockpot 3.5 Quarts
from Imarflex

Best tasting foods are the ones that are cooked slow.

Our price: $69.59 (approx. PHP 3,141.99)

Crockpot Mini 1.0 Quarts
from Imarflex

Best tasting foods are the ones that are cooked slow.

Our price: $35.00 (approx. PHP 1,580.25)

Deluxe Turbo Broiler with Light Wave Tech
from American Heritage

Evenly cooks in no time.

Our price: $75.14 (approx. PHP 3,392.57)