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Vibrant Essence
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Colors exploding everywhere makes this floral arrangement ever so vibrant.

Our price: $133.16 (approx. PHP 6,012.17)

UB-328 Value Wrist Monitor
by Wellness PRO

This compact unit promises blood pressure measurements anywhere, anytime.

Our price: $117.81 (approx. PHP 5,319.12)

by Wellness PRO

Recommended for closer monitoring and regular measurements of blood pressure.

Our price: $220.93 (approx. PHP 9,974.99)

by Wellness PRO

The UA-774 equips dual 30-memory storage with averaging capability, to be used at home by 2 persons.

Our price: $175.90 (approx. PHP 7,941.89)

UA-621 Asia Line Monitor
by Wellness PRO

For easy tracking of blood pressure and more.

Our price: $107.64 (approx. PHP 4,859.95)

Tropical Harvest
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

You'll never go wrong with this luscious fruits and flowers combination.

Our price: $87.80 (approx. PHP 3,964.17)

by Michi Calica Fresh Flowers

The hydrangea expresses the giver's gratefulness. Show your appreciation with an elegantly wrapped live plant.

Our price: $52.55 (approx. PHP 2,372.63)

Topiary Spring
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

With a style straight out of fairytale books, this classic floral arrangement will definitely make anybody's day bright and cheerful.

Our price: $52.90 (approx. PHP 2,388.44)

Timeless Royale
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Delicate gathering of exquisite spring flowers to give tribute to somebody who deserves such a treat.

Our price: $63.37 (approx. PHP 2,861.16)

Spring Showers
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Nurture your relationships with showers of affection, and see them bloom just like this vase of spectacular spring flowers.

Our price: $140.14 (approx. PHP 6,327.32)

Spring High
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Experience a natural high with this exquisite spring flower arrangement.

Our price: $87.80 (approx. PHP 3,964.17)

Spring Fruits and Flowers
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Bursting with new life and color, this floral and fruit basket will surely refresh anybody's day.

Our price: $113.53 (approx. PHP 5,125.88)

Spring Break Bouquet
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

With this stunning bouquet, Spring remains to be very much in season no matter what the weather outside is.

Our price: $63.37 (approx. PHP 2,861.16)

by Wellness PRO

The chromed electrodes alone show what the scale can do. In addition to measuring weight, it can guage body fat and body water.

Our price: $159.44 (approx. PHP 7,198.72)

by Wellness PRO

This weighing scale has a large attractive display which leans towards the viewer as if balanced on a wave.

Our price: $178.65 (approx. PHP 8,066.05)