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Washing Machine with Spin Dryer
from Imarflex

Heavy-duty washing machine that can serve the whole family.

Our price: $165.00 (approx. PHP 7,449.75)

Vacuum Cleaner
from Imarflex

Cleaning is made easy with this dependable vacuum cleaner from Imaflex.

Our price: $70.81 (approx. PHP 3,197.07)

Turbo Broiler
from Imarflex

Top of the line turbo broiler for that special couple or family.

Our price: $81.25 (approx. PHP 3,668.44)

Traveling Iron w/ steamer
from Imarflex

Very useful gift for those who travel a lot.

Our price: $13.92 (approx. PHP 628.49)

Standmixer w/ Stainless Bowl
from Imarflex

Professional and budding bakers can never do without this durable easy-to-use stand mixer.

Our price: $32.38 (approx. PHP 1,461.96)

Professional Hair Dryer w/ Accessories
from Imarflex

Durable and dependable hair dryer for everyday use.

Our price: $12.88 (approx. PHP 581.53)

Pressure Cooker - 5 liters
from Imarflex

A necessity for the cook in the house.

Our price: $52.00 (approx. PHP 2,347.80)

Portable Hair Dryer
from Imarflex

Keeps hair well-groomed even when far away from home. Great gift for the mobile generation.

Our price: $9.75 (approx. PHP 440.21)

Pancake Maker
from Imarflex

Makes perfect pancakes everytime.

Our price: $22.43 (approx. PHP 1,012.71)

Oven Toaster
from Imarflex

More than just an oven toaster - you can bake, reheat and brown too.

Our price: $18.51 (approx. PHP 835.73)

Hair Dryer w/ Accessories
from Imarflex

For basic hair drying needs

Our price: $35.00 (approx. PHP 1,580.25)

Flat Iron Non-stick w/ sprayer
from Imarflex

Practical people love practical gifts. A practical gift without sacrificing style.

Our price: $16.89 (approx. PHP 762.58)

Electronic Rice Cooker
from Imarflex

Conventional rice cooker that is so dependable.

Our price: $80.81 (approx. PHP 3,648.57)

Electric Oven w/ Rotisserie
from Imarflex

This is an oven toaster that works harder than any other models of the same kind.

Our price: $53.63 (approx. PHP 2,421.39)

Electric Kettle - 2.0 liters
from Imarflex

Great gift for people who are always on the go.

Our price: $16.25 (approx. PHP 733.69)