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Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet X1071
Charm your way by giving this charm bracelet.

Our price: $20.73 (approx. PHP 935.96)

Stainless Steel Pendant X627
SS Pendant WP

Our price: $20.73 (approx. PHP 935.96)

Blueberry Chiboust
from Bizu Patisserie

The creamiest cheesecake delight topped with blueberry filling on Bizu's special shortbread crust.

Our price: $40.69 (approx. PHP 1,837.15)

Strawberry Chiboust
from Bizu Patisserie

Classic French-style cheesecake topped with fresh seasonal strawberries drenched in Bizu's very own light syrup.

Our price: $44.55 (approx. PHP 2,011.43)

1.7 Deluxe Cordless Kettle with 360 degrees bottom rotation
from American Heritage

Practical gift for that studious dormer or that hard-working officemate.

Our price: $23.94 (approx. PHP 1,080.89)

1.0 L Rice Cooker Stainless Cover
from American Heritage

Ever useful rice cooker with durable stainless cover (1 liter)

Our price: $24.20 (approx. PHP 1,092.63)

Stainless Steel Pendant X629
SS Pendant WG

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Stainless Steel Rolo Chain X55
SS Rolo CHAIN with puff heart pendant

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Stainless Steel X680
SS Diamond L

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Pancake Maker
from Imarflex

Makes perfect pancakes everytime.

Our price: $22.43 (approx. PHP 1,012.71)

1.0 L Rice Cooker Glass Cover
from American Heritage

Ever useful rice cooker with functional glass cover (1 liter)

Our price: $25.83 (approx. PHP 1,166.22)

20 cm Farberware Millennium Open Frypan
Solid 18/10 construction and the beauty of the shine are enhanced by utilizing state of the art technology.

Our price: $23.40 (approx. PHP 1,056.51)

Bizu Ensaimada in a Boat Tray - 10's
from Bizu Patisserie

Bizu's best seller beautifully arranged in an attractive handwoven boat tray.

Our price: $47.44 (approx. PHP 2,141.92)

Stainless Steel Rolo WPU X1070

Our price: $24.40 (approx. PHP 1,101.66)

Bizu Ensaimada - Box of 12's
from Bizu Patisserie

Indulge with classic cheese ensaimada or with unique flavours such as Almond Pralines or Belgian Chocolate Shavings on top. Definitely a Bizu best seller!

Our price: $47.64 (approx. PHP 2,150.95)