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Stainless Steel Pendant X629
SS Pendant WG

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Stainless Steel Plain Heart Pendant X1082
Plain Heart Pendant

Our price: $14.14 (approx. PHP 638.42)

Stainless Steel Pop Corn Chain Necklace X677
SS Pop Corn D

Our price: $25.37 (approx. PHP 1,145.46)

Stainless Steel Rolo Chain X1083
SS Rolo Chain with puff heart.

Our price: $28.79 (approx. PHP 1,299.87)

Stainless Steel Rolo Chain X55
SS Rolo CHAIN with puff heart pendant

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Stainless Steel Rolo Charm Bracelet X1072
Stainless Steel rolo bracelet with puff heart charm.

Our price: $18.53 (approx. PHP 836.63)

Stainless Steel Rolo WPU X1070

Our price: $24.40 (approx. PHP 1,101.66)

Stainless Steel Triple Hearts X1085
Triple Hearts

Our price: $28.06 (approx. PHP 1,266.91)

Stainless Steel X680
SS Diamond L

Our price: $22.20 (approx. PHP 1,002.33)

Stainless Steel X92
Stainless STE

Our price: $17.07 (approx. PHP 770.71)

Standmixer w/ Stainless Bowl
from Imarflex

Professional and budding bakers can never do without this durable easy-to-use stand mixer.

Our price: $32.38 (approx. PHP 1,461.96)

Stargazer in a Bamboo Vase
by Blooms and Foliage Inspirations Co.

Adorn your loved one's table with this pretty flower arrangement.

Our price: $91.61 (approx. PHP 4,136.19)

Strawberry Chiboust
from Bizu Patisserie

Classic French-style cheesecake topped with fresh seasonal strawberries drenched in Bizu's very own light syrup.

Our price: $44.55 (approx. PHP 2,011.43)

Strawberry Shortcake
from Bizu Patisserie

Soft genoise sponge in between layers of strawberries and chantilly cream.

Our price: $67.27 (approx. PHP 3,037.24)

Sugar-free Sweets Gift Basket
from Terry Selection

Let your special someone savour your sweetness...but not the sugar (All items are from Spain)

Our price: $56.08 (approx. PHP 2,532.01)