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Chemistry Tungsten + Diamond Model x985
For every vow or promise you make, there's CHEMISTRY TUNGSTEN to bring it to life.

Our price: $51.16 (approx. PHP 2,309.87)

by Michi Calica Fresh Flowers

A dozen multicolored gerberas is the perfect choice for sending someone cheer

Our price: $89.67 (approx. PHP 4,048.60)

Chinese Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus in oriental perspective.

Our price: $105.24 (approx. PHP 4,751.59)

Chocolate Roses (3 stems)
by Pick & Mix

Sweeten your "I love you'" with these chocolate roses in a box.

Our price: $25.65 (approx. PHP 1,158.10)

Chocolate Truffles - Gold Box Edition
from Bizu Patisserie

Each chocolate creation is well thought of and made with utmost care.

Our price: $17.14 (approx. PHP 773.87)

Chocolate Truffles - Jewelled Box Edition
from Bizu Patisserie

Each chocolate creation is well thought of and made with utmost care.

Our price: $24.21 (approx. PHP 1,093.08)

Christmas Crown Roast
from Bizu Patisserie

Perfect dish to honor the birthday of the King of Kings.

Our price: $283.04 (approx. PHP 12,779.26)

Christmas Tea Set
from Bizu Patisserie

Complete your loved ones' Christmas ambiance with this yummy deli basket from Bizu.

Our price: $55.36 (approx. PHP 2,499.50)

Classic Bouquet of Roses
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Some things are timeless…just like this traditional bouquet of roses.

Our price: $133.16 (approx. PHP 6,012.17)

Classic Tapas: Authentic Spanish Recipes
from Terry Selection

Tapas are eaten all over Spain, and constitute one of the most pleasurable forms of communication. Great gift for the tapas lover or even for any lover.

Our price: $56.48 (approx. PHP 2,550.07)

Clustered Holland Roses
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

It is as if you are sending a flower pot full of roses just right for the picking.

Our price: $63.37 (approx. PHP 2,861.16)

by Michi Calica Fresh Flowers

Structured yellow calla lilies with spherical green berries was patterned after the feminine tailoring Coco channel is known for. Over a 1 dozen calla lilies with berries.

Our price: $51.11 (approx. PHP 2,307.62)

Cocozen Novuhair™ Topical Scalp Lotion For Men and Women
from Nutramedica

Novuhair™ is a topical scalp lotion combining highly potent standardized herbs with essential oils and co-factor nutrients, specially chosen for their hair growing properties.

Our price: $78.68 (approx. PHP 3,552.40)

Coffee Maker
from Imarflex

Great tasting coffee in a jiffy with this beautiful and durable coffee maker.

Our price: $30.81 (approx. PHP 1,391.07)

Coffee Maker (black)
from Imarflex

Elegant looking coffee maker that can make 10 to 12 cups of great tasting coffee.

Our price: $28.11 (approx. PHP 1,269.17)