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Sugar-free Sweets Gift Basket
from Terry Selection

Let your special someone savour your sweetness...but not the sugar (All items are from Spain)

Our price: $56.08 (approx. PHP 2,532.01)

Stand by Me Still: Songs for Healing
from Jesuit Communication

A live recording of a concert staged in Sacred Heart Parish (Cebu) and…

Our price: $11.99 (approx. PHP 541.35)

Spring Showers
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Nurture your relationships with showers of affection, and see them bloom just like this vase of spectacular spring flowers.

Our price: $140.14 (approx. PHP 6,327.32)

Spring on a vase
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Bright colored flowers to color anyone's day.

Our price: $133.16 (approx. PHP 6,012.17)

Spring High
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Experience a natural high with this exquisite spring flower arrangement.

Our price: $87.80 (approx. PHP 3,964.17)

Spring Fruits and Flowers
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Bursting with new life and color, this floral and fruit basket will surely refresh anybody's day.

Our price: $113.53 (approx. PHP 5,125.88)

Spring Break Bouquet
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

With this stunning bouquet, Spring remains to be very much in season no matter what the weather outside is.

Our price: $63.37 (approx. PHP 2,861.16)

Songs for Worship 2 - More hymns in Mandarin Chinese
from Jesuit Communication

The second album continues with the fusion of cultures…

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Songs for Worship - Translation of Filipino Liturgical Hymns into Mandarin Chinese
from Jesuit Communication

The first Songs for Worship album contains all the songs for the celebration of the Mass…

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Shiatsu Massage - Executive
by The Spa

A Japanese style pressure point technique based on the concept of acupuncture.

Our price: $31.08 (approx. PHP 1,403.26)

Queen of Hearts Healthy Gourmet
from Terry Selection

For your heart of hearts - basketful of goodies that is kind to the heart (All items are from Spain and Italy)

Our price: $122.39 (approx. PHP 5,525.91)

Premium Healthy Gourmet Basket
from Terry Selection

Show your loved ones and friends that you really care by giving them a basketful of meticulously selected goodies that is delectable to the palate and at the same time wholesome for the body. (All items from Spain and Italy)

Our price: $135.65 (approx. PHP 6,124.60)

Prayers from the Upper Room
from Jesuit Communication

The Upper Room or the Cenacle was the room where the Last Supper…

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Polka-Dot Capiz Tea Lamp
by GKoncepts

Delicately hand-crafted lamp made of capiz discs guilded together with copper wire.

Our price: $8.01 (approx. PHP 361.65)

Petite Tea Lamp
by GKoncepts

Glowing candles look ethereal in this classic shaped petite tea lamp.

Our price: $6.29 (approx. PHP 283.99)