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Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)
by Wellness PRO

SalinaGel is an isotonic water-based saline nasal moisturizing gel that relieves dry and irritated nasal passages caused by aging, low humidity as well as side effects from medications for allergies, colds and acne.

Our price: $32.11 (approx. PHP 1,449.77)

Novuhair 2-in-1 Hair Scalp Pack
from Nutramedica

The powerful combo of Novuhair Herbal Shampoo and Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion is contained in one convenient pack that guarantees to deliver the solution to your hair woes while assuring growth of healthy hair.

Our price: $110.57 (approx. PHP 4,992.24)

Portable Hair Dryer
from Imarflex

Keeps hair well-groomed even when far away from home. Great gift for the mobile generation.

Our price: $9.75 (approx. PHP 440.21)

Premium Healthy Gourmet Basket
from Terry Selection

Show your loved ones and friends that you really care by giving them a basketful of meticulously selected goodies that is delectable to the palate and at the same time wholesome for the body. (All items from Spain and Italy)

Our price: $135.65 (approx. PHP 6,124.60)

Professional Hair Dryer w/ Accessories
from Imarflex

Durable and dependable hair dryer for everyday use.

Our price: $12.88 (approx. PHP 581.53)

Queen of Hearts Healthy Gourmet
from Terry Selection

For your heart of hearts - basketful of goodies that is kind to the heart (All items are from Spain and Italy)

Our price: $122.39 (approx. PHP 5,525.91)

Sea Salt Body Scrub
by The Spa

Experience the special treatment of natural refined sea salts and essential oils.

Our price: $51.62 (approx. PHP 2,330.64)

SECA 201 Ergonomic Circumference Measuring Tape
by Wellness PRO

Retractable measuring tape for precise body measurements.

Our price: $18.70 (approx. PHP 844.31)

by Wellness PRO

A weighing scale that looks a bit like a picture frame, it also looks like it should be in one.

Our price: $145.72 (approx. PHP 6,579.26)

by Wellness PRO

Go ahead, pick-up this starter scale and take a close look.

Our price: $126.52 (approx. PHP 5,712.38)

by Wellness PRO

A diet food scale and a bowl - a dieter's perfect combination

Our price: $104.57 (approx. PHP 4,721.34)

by Wellness PRO

This weighing scale has a large attractive display which leans towards the viewer as if balanced on a wave.

Our price: $178.65 (approx. PHP 8,066.05)

by Wellness PRO

The chromed electrodes alone show what the scale can do. In addition to measuring weight, it can guage body fat and body water.

Our price: $159.44 (approx. PHP 7,198.72)

Shiatsu Massage - Executive
by The Spa

A Japanese style pressure point technique based on the concept of acupuncture.

Our price: $31.08 (approx. PHP 1,403.26)

Swedish Massage - Executive
by The Spa

A classic full body massage that is both relaxing and stimulating.

Our price: $31.08 (approx. PHP 1,403.26)