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6-in-1 Rice Cooker
from Imarflex

Versatile cooker that works as rice cooker, warmer, steamer, shabu-shabu, noodle boiler and egg poacher.

Our price: $47.97 (approx. PHP 2,165.85)

Blender with Ice Crusher
from Imarflex

A blender that withstands heavy duty use yet it still exudes sleek appeal. Great for everyday use.

Our price: $48.75 (approx. PHP 2,201.06)

Electric Oven w/ Rotisserie
from Imarflex

This is an oven toaster that works harder than any other models of the same kind.

Our price: $53.63 (approx. PHP 2,421.39)

36cm Health Grill
from American Heritage

A must-have kitchen equipment for the healthy eater.

Our price: $67.55 (approx. PHP 3,049.88)

Convection Oven
from Imarflex

It's a turbo broiler and an oven all rolled into one.

Our price: $68.51 (approx. PHP 3,093.23)

18 L Oven Toaster with Rotisserie
from American Heritage

An all-purpose oven toaster for that lady in the fast-lane

Our price: $72.67 (approx. PHP 3,281.05)

Deluxe Turbo Broiler with Light Wave Tech
from American Heritage

Evenly cooks in no time.

Our price: $75.14 (approx. PHP 3,392.57)

Electronic Rice Cooker
from Imarflex

Conventional rice cooker that is so dependable.

Our price: $80.81 (approx. PHP 3,648.57)

Turbo Broiler
from Imarflex

Top of the line turbo broiler for that special couple or family.

Our price: $81.25 (approx. PHP 3,668.44)

0.8 cu.ft. Microwave oven w/ Rotary Glass Tray
from Imarflex

Standard microwave oven with all the necessary features and more.

Our price: $126.49 (approx. PHP 5,711.02)

0.9 cu.ft. Microwave Oven with Rotary Glass Tray
from Imarflex

Fast cooking microwave oven big enough for the whole family.

Our price: $182.70 (approx. PHP 8,248.91)