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Geon Flexo MTB 132F (Set of 3)
by Wellness PRO

Geon digital thermometer with flexible tip.

Our price: $29.69 (approx. PHP 1,340.50)

Mango Chiboust
from Bizu Patisserie

Luscious fresh mangoes crown Bizu Patisserie's most famous French-style cheesecake.

Our price: $53.45 (approx. PHP 2,413.27)

Naveh CleanEars (Set of 2)
by Wellness PRO

CleanEars is all in one unique patented product that combines elimination of the ear wax along with ear irrigation.

Our price: $30.50 (approx. PHP 1,377.08)

Coffee Maker (black)
from Imarflex

Elegant looking coffee maker that can make 10 to 12 cups of great tasting coffee.

Our price: $28.11 (approx. PHP 1,269.17)

Hotdog Waffle Maker
from American Heritage

Snacks are made easy with this Hotdog Waffle Maker.

Our price: $31.52 (approx. PHP 1,423.13)

from Bizu Patisserie

Valrhona orange chocolate mousse in between layers of crème brulee and brownie. Truly a perfect gift.

Our price: $61.95 (approx. PHP 2,797.04)

1.8 L Rice Cooker Stainless Cover
from American Heritage

Ever useful rice cooker with durable stainless cover (1.8 liter)

Our price: $31.79 (approx. PHP 1,435.32)

Mom It's Christmas Time
by Oh What an A-Cake!

Uniquely arranged Christmas-themed gift for Mommy.

Our price: $29.34 (approx. PHP 1,324.70)

from Bizu Patisserie

Light raspberry mousse between layers of infused almond sponge with a crème brulee surprise.

Our price: $58.42 (approx. PHP 2,637.66)

from Bizu Patisserie

A classic gateau of sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.

Our price: $57.63 (approx. PHP 2,601.99)

from Bizu Patisserie

An exquisite blend of coffee liqueur, in between layers of chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese, sprayed with pure cocoa liqueur.

Our price: $61.24 (approx. PHP 2,764.99)

Naveh Medisnore (Set of 2)
by Wellness PRO

MediSnore is a throat-spray device intended to coat the uvula and upper respiratory airways with a thin oily lubricant that prevents or reduces the vibration that causes snoring.

Our price: $32.11 (approx. PHP 1,449.77)

Naveh SalinaGel (Set of 2)
by Wellness PRO

SalinaGel is an isotonic water-based saline nasal moisturizing gel that relieves dry and irritated nasal passages caused by aging, low humidity as well as side effects from medications for allergies, colds and acne.

Our price: $32.11 (approx. PHP 1,449.77)

16" Desk Fan
from Imarflex

The ever-practical gift to give. One cannot get enough of these fans.

Our price: $29.86 (approx. PHP 1,348.18)

Cappucine Sugarfree
from Bizu Patisserie

Sugarless and Flourless cake with layers of chocolate and coffee mousse.

Our price: $64.02 (approx. PHP 2,890.50)