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Caneles - Box of 18
from Bizu Patisserie

An exquisite French pastry that every one will love and crave for.

Our price: $10.77 (approx. PHP 486.27)

All About Love by Raul Sunico
from Tawid Publications

Contemporary American love songs such as As Time Goes By, All the Things You Are, Someone to Watch Over Me, Send in the Clowns, arranged and performed in a classical style by international concert pianist, Raul Sunico.

Our price: $13.40 (approx. PHP 605.01)

Isang Ngiti Mo Lamang by Emiliano Cruz
from Tawid Publications

A rare collectors' item: digitally remastered selections from 1950s recordings by tenor Emiliano Cruz (1916 - 1986), known as the "Hari ng Kundiman"

Our price: $13.40 (approx. PHP 605.01)

Maharlika at Bituin
from Tawid Publications

A rare collectors' item. Raul Sunico, pianist Cultural Center of the Philippines Orchestra
Luis C. Valencia, conductor
(Digitally remastered from the original vinyl 33 LP record)

Our price: $13.40 (approx. PHP 605.01)

Sungdo ni Ayat by Raul Sunico
from Tawid Publications

A selection of some of the most popular Ilocano love songs, arranged and performed by international concert pianist Raul Sunico. Great gift for the genuine Ilocanos and Ilocano lovers alike.

Our price: $13.40 (approx. PHP 605.01)

Mini Towel Cake
by Oh What an A-Cake!

A practical gift for school kids.

Our price: $11.49 (approx. PHP 518.77)

Garcima Paella Pan
from Terry Selection

Ideal gift for the artistans in the kitchen.

Our price: $14.04 (approx. PHP 633.91)

Fruit & Carrot Squares - Box of 12
from Bizu Patisserie

An explosion of delightful flavors captured in a pastry square.

Our price: $12.03 (approx. PHP 543.15)

Madeleines - Box of 12
from Bizu Patisserie

Simple yet exquisite, these dainty tea cakes are loved the world over.

Our price: $12.03 (approx. PHP 543.15)

Chocolate Truffles - Jewelled Box Edition
from Bizu Patisserie

Each chocolate creation is well thought of and made with utmost care.

Our price: $24.21 (approx. PHP 1,093.08)

Bizu Ensaimada - Box of 6's
from Bizu Patisserie

Indulge with classic cheese ensaimada or with unique flavours such as Almond Pralines or Belgian Chocolate Shavings on top. Definitely a Bizu best seller!

Our price: $24.39 (approx. PHP 1,101.21)

Gift Set - Lotus Tea Light Holders
by GKoncepts

Set of 4 Lotus Tea Light Holder to set the zen-like ambiance in any room.

Our price: $15.29 (approx. PHP 690.34)

Professional Hair Dryer w/ Accessories
from Imarflex

Durable and dependable hair dryer for everyday use.

Our price: $12.88 (approx. PHP 581.53)

Pet Beds
from Samson & Mom

Let your pet dog or cat have a good night's rest in this comfortably soft bed made for pets.

Our price: $15.39 (approx. PHP 694.86)

Himig, A Collection of Philippine Folksongs Vol. III - Lullabies
from Tawid Publications

For culture lovers and collectors. Volume III of illustrated music books featuring arrangements by Raul Sunico of folksongs from different parts of the Philippines

Our price: $15.45 (approx. PHP 697.57)