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Volcanic Rock Massage
by The Spa

A massage using hot basalt stone for the ultimate treatment of aching muscles.

Our price: $41.35 (approx. PHP 1,866.95)

Virgina Blooms
by RS Flowers International

Hand bouquet of white lilies

Our price: $60.42 (approx. PHP 2,727.96)

Vibrant Essence
by Sonata Floral Masterpieces

Colors exploding everywhere makes this floral arrangement ever so vibrant.

Our price: $133.16 (approx. PHP 6,012.17)

Vespers V - The Day is Done
from Jesuit Communication

Jay Gomez and Bong Rosario return for the latest installment of the Vesper series.

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Vespers III - My Heart's Thanksgiving
from Jesuit Communication

The third album, My Heart's Thanksgiving, is no less moving with…

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Vespers II
from Jesuit Communication

The second series of instrumental meditation albums, features the stirring…

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

Vespers I
from Jesuit Communication

Vespers features the stirring and soulful music of the flute and guitar.

Our price: $10.09 (approx. PHP 455.56)

VCO Soap w/ Shea Butter
by La Huerta Michelena

A breakthrough combination of Virgin Coconut Oil's (VCO's) natural anti-microbial effects and Shea Butter's moisturizing and skin softening effects.

Our price: $7.00 (approx. PHP 316.05)

VCO Seda Body Oil
by La Huerta Michelena

A gift that enhances beauty, promotes health and soothes the mind...

Our price: $9.00 (approx. PHP 406.35)

VCO Jelly
by La Huerta Michelena

Your favorite Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is now in jelly form!

Our price: $8.23 (approx. PHP 371.58)

Valentine's Day for Kids
Who says Valentine's Day is only for adults? Include your kids in the celebration of love by giving them tokens such as these.

Our price: $34.44 (approx. PHP 1,554.97)

Vacuum Cleaner
from Imarflex

Cleaning is made easy with this dependable vacuum cleaner from Imaflex.

Our price: $70.81 (approx. PHP 3,197.07)

Upgrade Rechargeable 2x 6W Multi-angle Tilt / AM FM Radio with Casette Player, Torch and Blinker
from American Heritage

A must-have gadget indoors and outdoors.

Our price: $41.00 (approx. PHP 1,851.15)

UB-328 Value Wrist Monitor
by Wellness PRO

This compact unit promises blood pressure measurements anywhere, anytime.

Our price: $117.81 (approx. PHP 5,319.12)

by Wellness PRO

Recommended for closer monitoring and regular measurements of blood pressure.

Our price: $220.93 (approx. PHP 9,974.99)